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2022 年 婚纱照 摄影 配套 

* 注意配套可能会被更改, 请按照当时订购为准确. 

* 最后更新 : 1 FEB 2022


2 Professional photographer (Full Day)

Wedding day Morning and Dinner coverage

Start From the makeup sessions , Groom preparation , Games , Tea ceremony 
Group photo and outdoor shoot

morning sessions end around 1pm latest , 

we will then get prepare for the Same Day Edit (SDE) slideshow
to play during dinner  - need 4 hour of editing time !!

Dinner ,
we will arrive at around 6.30 pm to cover the decorations ,
Guest arrival , March-in , Dinner candid shoot ,
Cake cutting , Toasting , or 2nd March-in , 
and table to table " Yam Seng " 
last the guest leaving and we will end our services at around 10.30 pm.  

All of the photo will be checked and provide download link. 
delivery time 2 to 6 week very depend on the month schedule.


1 Professional photographer (Full Day)

Coverage almost same with Master Photography , but 
in the morning sessions , I will be at Bride side for the makeup sessions first ,
then 30 minutes before Groom depart from house ,
i will be there for the groom preparations shoot, and 
follow till the event end latest 1pm.

with SDE slideshow and wedding dinner photography coverage. 


1 Professional Videographer

Wedding day Morning and Dinner coverage

a short video,
  3-6 minutes for morning sessions
Video edited to play during dinner .
3-5 minutes for dinner sessions
Edit after the wedding 

Capture the most Happiness of your wedding day.


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