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孕妇照 摄影配套

Package RM 350 

quick photo shoot while still retaining high-quality photos for lasting memories

- 1 pcs 12x18 inch Photo Frame
- 8 poses edited softcopy 
- Indoor only . (outdoor + RM 100)

Package RM 688 

great value for those who want to capture their memories without having to choose which photos to keep

- 1 pax Light Makeup and hair do
- 3 pcs 10x10 inch photo frame
- 15 poses edited softcopy

- FOC all softcopy 
- Indoor / Outdoor

Package RM 1200 

great presentation option for those who want to showcase their memories in a beautiful and meaningful way

- 1 pax Light Makeup and hair do
- 1 pcs 8x12 album 10 pgs
- 1 pcs 18x24 photo frame

- 3 pcs 5R desk frame
- 25 poses edited softcopy
- FOC all softcopy 
- Indoor / Outdoor


  • Please prepare three costumes of your own.

  • We also have a selection of costumes available in our shop that you can view.

  • You are welcome to bring your own child and husband to be included in the photo shoot.


  • [ Photo Shooting ] arrange shooting theme that suits your vision and preferences

  • [ Choose Photo ] you will have the opportunity to view and select the photos you like best

  • [ Retouching ] the selected photo will be retouched and color-corrected

  • [ Makeup and Hairdo] great makeup can enhance your natural beauty and create a better shooting experience

  • [ Blazer ] suit coat for men can be provided as an option if you are looking for a more formal and proper look


  • [ Photo Frame ] The printed photo will be laminated and framed according to your preferences. We offer a variety of framing options to choose from, so you can customize your photo to fit your style and decor.

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