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全家福 / 毕业照 摄影配套

RM 350

- 8 个款修图 (底片将发送到邮件)

1 张 12x18 寸 照片 + 相框 


RM 180

- 5 个款修图 (底片将发送到邮件)

- 1 张 11x14 寸 照片 + 相框

Kuantan Convo photo studio.jpg
Convo Bouquet Kuantan Studio.jpg
Kuantan Convo Rode.jpg

* 标准(非官方)
  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

  • 没有人数限制,但是一个graduate student_cc781905-5cde - 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_per包。

  • 仅限工作室拍摄,户外 + RM 100 / 包(视情况而定)。

  • 快递费适用于硬拷贝或相框(不能自取)。

  • 选定的软拷贝通过电子邮件发送。

  • 软拷贝被编辑或润色。

  • 额外的姿势 RM 30 / 姿势(仅限编辑过的软拷贝)

  • 可以购买额外的相框。  框架样品 

  • 拍摄时段需要预订。

  • 宠物是允许的,但必须照顾好它。

  • 化妆和发型 RM 150/人

    • 需要提前预订

    • 在您的拍摄时段前 1 小时来。

  • 请提前5-10分钟到场自行准备。 

  • 化妆间提供自我补妆。 

  • 提供洗浴间。

Take Note : 

1. Please remember to bring along your convocation attire, certificate and any accessories you wish to shoot with. 

2. In order to prevent any delay, please be punctual and arrive 15 minutes early for preparation: 

- Change into your convocation attire 

- We provide makeup room to do self-touch-up 

- If you require our Hair & Makeup service, it will be RM180/person (Please book in advance) 


3.  Shooting takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and another 30 minutes for choosing photo. 

After shooting, you will proceed to choose photos. Full payment is required before leaving our studio. 


4. Photo and frame will not be ready on the spot. 


5. Production Step: 

  • Edit & touch-up photo (Photos will be ready around 30 day working days.)

  • Send to you through group chat or email for confirmation (After confirmation, it will take at least 7-10 working days to complete)

  • Finalize and proceed to process photo/frame (Once finalized, the cost of ANY changes will be charged accordingly. So please check every detail and ensure that it meets your requirements before we process it.)

  • Ready to collect product

  • Arrange for postage (if any) 


For those who require courier service, the postage fee is

RM30 for West Malaysia and

RM50 for East Malaysia ( For our standard package RM180/RM350) . 

Optional items purchased will have different postage fees depending on weight.

Please inquire us about the postage fee if extra charge is needed.



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